Constitution: Brief Historical Writing (1 Images)

If we look at Professor Sedimen’s proposal of dropping the constitution, there would be countless major changes made to the constitution to fit the society we live in today. Some of these changes will include, putting an end to allowing judges to serve for life, allowing unborn citizens to be president of the united states, putting an end to cruel & unusual punishment and the electoral college.These are some of the changes that would be made to the constitution to fit the judgement of today’s civilization.

The 3rd article of the constitution allows the supreme court judges to serve for life. It states that since they are appointed for life they will be less influenced by politics. If you don’t have to run for election, you are less likely to make decisions based on politics. However, this theory became false in the 2000’s when president Bush was selected as a President, Not elected, but selected. The election was too close to call so it came down to Florida. They were recounting the Florida ballots to double-check but the conservative Supreme Court halted the recount and gave the presidency illegally to Bush. This action shows that in the modern constitution we should only allow judges to serve for limited time so they do not make decisions based upon their political views.

Another change that should be added to the constitution is to add an amendment to prohibit cruel and unusual punishment. An amendment should be added to the constitution to put an end to this because if you don’t really know if a certain person actually did the crime. Sometimes people who are being ordered for death penalty did not even commit the crime they were just part of it, due to that we should give them another chances instead of just taking away their life.

In 2013, over 40 million foreign-born represented 13% of the population resided in the United States. We should add a law to the constitution which will allow the foreign unborn citizens to become president if they have lived in the united states for over 30 years. However, in order to make sure the person is not a traitor to the united states, he/she would be put through series of  tests. This will make sure that it’s harder for the unborn to become president but it is possible and this will also give advantage to the citizen who are born here who don’t have to do all these tests.

Another thing we should take away from the constitution is the electoral college. Which allows groups of people to decides who gets to be the president. The amount of people in the electorate college depends on the amount of people in their state.(It varies by state.) electrol college makes the voting process easier because there are over 300 million living people  in this country, However it should be removed because those electoral votes don’t reflect the political opinion of that state. Therefore, I think it’s unfair that the Electoral College ultimately determines the outcome of an election that the US citizens took time out of their busy lives to vote in. An example of this would be in 2000 election when bush won the electoral college but not the popular vote. The electoral college prevented every vote from counting equally and let the less popular president win.

We should take this opportunity to create a new constitution because the current constitution is outdated and fail to live up to  people’s beliefs. we should keep the idea of the constitution as a base to start off the new constitution and vote on what we the people would like to add or remove from it.


What do you think?