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Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi Gives Birth To A Cute Baby (5 Images)

This is Laxmi and her daughter who has survived an attack. The lady went through an acid attack by a 32 year old man when she was only 16. She has suffered a lot in her life says her partner. He has not married her but he stays wth her and this makes Laxmi feel […]

Extremely Weird People Captured At Walmart (35 Images)

Well this photo just shows the way the woman loves her child. She can almost do anything for her whether it requires aching of any of her body part in result. There was a show which her son wanted to see and she could not find any stool where he could stand and be the […]

13 Most Clever And Creative Advertisements Ever That Goes Viral (8 Images)

Companies spend a lot of money advertising for their products. This advertisement leads to better sales and better income. Heinz has advertised its ketchup as too hot to handle with a platter which shows a naked woman lying down. It actually is not a woman, its chicken pieces and nuggets arranged in such a way […]

13 Awkward Things Boys Will Never Tell Their Girlfriend (8 Images)

1. Being in a relationship is something very valuable and you should definitely value your relationship with your girl friend if you have. She is the most trust worthy person you have and she is someone with whom you can share almost everything. But you should keep in mind that some things should be kept […]

The Most Walk Of Shame Is Pure Embarrassment Caught (7 Images)

Sometimes you lie to your parents and go out on a date or anything that you might call it and make it seem absolutely normal when you get back home. But when your parents see you, they know exactly where you were because of your own mistake or because a condom packet is hanging on […]