Hollywood Child Actors Who Passed Too Young (20 Images)

Jonathan Gregory Brandis was a complete acting phenomenon. Born in the United States of America on April 13, 1976 he carved his name in the world of acting, direction, and screenwriting. His works in the early 1990s were appreciated globally. He started off with playing as Lucas Wolenczzak in the seaQuest DSV. The role was such a success that soon he became part of many projects. This was followed by the projects like The Never-ending Story II: The Next Chapter in 1990, SeaQuest 2032 in 1993 and Ladybugs in 1992. This brought success and fame but not peace of mind. His acute depression resulted in a suicide attempt. Although efforts were made to save this talented celebrity but nothing could be done to save his life and November 12, 2003 proved to be his last day in the world.



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