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1. WWII Girls’ Athletic Club After World War II lives of millions around the world were disturbed and destroyed, this along with the shortage of fuel and food. People were in the phase of The Great Depression. In order to keep the civilian morale high and maintain a normal environment, combatant countries like Germany, Britain, […]

moment of relief for apollo 8 astronauts wives

People With The Most Striking Eyes in the World (10 Images)

What is the first thing that you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time? Well, it’s their eyes and since eyes are the gateway to the heart so we are all very interested in reading them. Eyes have the capability to say things that you don’t otherwise and maybe that is […]

The Seven European Union Countries That Offer Free College Education (7 Images)

Want to Study in European Country That Offers Free Education? At some point, all of us have been worried about our tuition fees because the college tuition fees are always increasing, making it less affordable for the students to get degrees. So, we keep planning for loans and then spend a lot of years paying […]

11 Strangest Abandoned Places in New York (11 Images)

1 – You must have seen all sorts of busy places, and we know how noisy they are especially in the peak hours when you there isn’t even any space to move around. And most of the people like the places that are crowded but very few like to explore the ones that are abandoned, […]

Women That Need Special Health Insurance & Face Care Treatments (20 Images)

It is immoral to comment on someone’s physical appearance because in some cases it is not an individual’s fault if they look horrible. However, despite the factor of morality, the fact is that even if we don’t want to, we get shocked at the sight of certain people because of their strange looks. Unfortunately, they […]

14 Things All Men Looking For In The Perfect Girlfriend (14 Images)

1 There’s no such thing as a perfect girlfriend, they really don’t exist in real life. But surely, there are some traits that every man finds attractive in a girl that makes them perfect in their own definition. Most of the men love a girl that is a bit of nerdy, she is into comics […]