The Most Walk Of Shame Is Pure Embarrassment Caught (7 Images)

Sometimes you lie to your parents and go out on a date or anything that you might call it and make it seem absolutely normal when you get back home. But when your parents see you, they know exactly where you were because of your own mistake or because a condom packet is hanging on […]

Highest Paid Supermodels In The World (7 Images)

Candice Swanepoel is the highest paid model this year and she earned almost 5 Million $ by the end of the year. This is absolutely a big figure for an upcoming model but she got this figure only when she managed to sign the Victoria secret’s contract and they decided to hire her for an […]

Jailed Kentucky Clerk Starts Federal Appeal (1 Images)

Summary: This article was about Kim David, the Rowan county clerk. She  prohibited on authorizing same-sex marriage license due to her christian faith. She latter was jailed for defying federal court order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Mathew Staver, the founder and Chairman Of liberty counsel, stated that Ms.Davis should not be jailed because people who […]

Gender Inequality: Pay Gap (1 Images)

Throughout the years, one of the biggest battle in our society has been discrimination. Some of these problems included race, gender, religion, beliefs, appearance or things that makes one person different from another. Discrimination still exists today in our everyday life. One significant discrimination problem the world has todays, is in the workplace. Women, who […]

Constitution: Brief Historical Writing (1 Images)

If we look at Professor Sedimen’s proposal of dropping the constitution, there would be countless major changes made to the constitution to fit the society we live in today. Some of these changes will include, putting an end to allowing judges to serve for life, allowing unborn citizens to be president of the united states, […]